Wild Bill’s Take

I attended the 2006 Easyriders Bike Show on a cold, January weekend in Sacramento. Most everyone riding to the show had to stop at the butane booth just to get their face thawed with a torch before they could enjoy the show. (Just kidding… They wished they could!) It was a well-attended event with more than enough cool bikes to see – all truly works of art in addition to being functional machines.

I make it a point to attend different motorcycle shows to meet riders and hear their concerns. I hand out our exclusive “Never Say Die” T-shirt and talk to everyone I can. One thing that always impresses me about the people I meet in this way – and the Easyriders show was no exception – is that they are independent-minded and self-reliant in the good old-fashioned American way. They are the modern cowboys. Although the term “cowboy” can carry a negative connotation these days as someone who is reckless and out of control, when I say bikers are the modern cowboys I mean they are in the spirit of the old West. They travel their own road on their (iron) horse and revel in the freedom they have to ride alone or together, wherever they choose. They don’t particularly like people telling them what to do and they’re not afraid to take the road less traveled.

I understand that philosophy and enjoy working with folks like that. Hope I’ll see you at the next big bike show. Drop me an e-mail to let me know what your favorite show is or just to tell me what’s happening in your world.

Coming Soon
Recently, I accepted a left-turn accident case that also involves a product case against Buell Motorcycles. As you may or may not know, Buell motorcycles are constructed with the fuel in the frame. There is no fuel containment system so there is the potential for a fuel spill and fire on impact. In the case I am currently handling, the Buell motorcycle rider was severly burned.

Please contact me about any fire claims you might have, or if you own or ride a Buell motorcycle.