What To Do After An Injury




Unless you have to give a statement to the police or to the California Highway Patrol, do not give a written or recorded statement to anyone else. These parties include insurance companies and/or their investigators. Your lawyer can arrange for a statement, if necessary, after fully preparing you, and attending the interview with you to object to any improper questions. Your attorney understands how to analyze liability and how to properly characterize your case for maximum advantage.


After initial medical care, have pictures taken of your injuries. Your attorney can help you with this if contacted right away. Pictures should also be taken of any other factors involved in the accident, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

Recall the Incident

Try to write down all the facts about the accident you can remember. Retain anything of yours involved in the accident such as your bicycle, motorcycle or bicycle helmet, torn clothes, etc. This evidence is helpful and may aid in accident reconstruction.

Get Contact Information

If possible, obtain contact information for all witnesses. If you are unable to get this information because of your injuries, your attorney can help you. The trail of evidence grows cold quickly–witnesses move, leave town, or decide not to get involved. It’s best to get witness statements sooner rather than later.

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