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full moon on night sky

Why Are There More Accidents During the Full Moon?

By William E. Weiss |

The phenomenon of the full moon has long fascinated cultures and civilizations across the globe, often associated with myths, legends, and a heightened sense of alertness. However, in the realm of motorcycle safety and accident rates, the full moon presents a unique concern that goes beyond folklore. As a seasoned motorcycle accident personal injury… Read More »

closeup of a motorcycle wheel

Emergency Braking and Motorcycles: A Crucial Skill for California Riders

By William E. Weiss |

For motorcyclists in California, the ability to perform emergency braking effectively is not just a riding skill – it’s a lifesaver. Given the state’s bustling roads and unpredictable traffic conditions, understanding and mastering emergency braking can be the difference between a close call and a catastrophic accident. In this article, we’ll explore why emergency… Read More »

Motorcyclist rides on a motorbike on the snowy road in winter

Winter Riding Tips for Motorcyclists

By William E. Weiss |

Motorcycling through the picturesque San Francisco Bay Area can be an exhilarating experience year-round, but the winter months bring unique challenges for riders. Navigating the roads safely during this season requires both preparation and awareness. Below, William E. Weiss, a seasoned California motorcycle accident lawyer, offers helpful tips for motorcyclists to stay safe while… Read More »

Concept of motorbike insurance with paper shield protected by hand of insurer

Having Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Doesn’t Mean You’re Fully Covered

By William E. Weiss |

“Full coverage.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? What could give you more security and peace of mind when taking your bike out on the road than knowing you are “fully covered” in the event you get into an accident? But what exactly is “full coverage”? Chances are, it doesn’t mean what you think it means…. Read More »

Motorcycle Rider

Texas Anti-Profiling Bill Left Pending in Committee

By William E. Weiss |

If you’re a motorcycle rider in America, chances are you’ve experienced more than once the frustration and injustice of being profiled and pulled over simply because you ride a motorcycle or wear club colors. Motorcycle profiling by peace officers has long been a contentious issue, infringing on the civil rights of riders across the… Read More »

racial profiling

SB 50 Amended to Remove Profiling Language, but Intent Remains

By William E. Weiss |

We talked about motorcycle profiling in a recent post, encouraging our readers to fill out the 2023 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey. Motorcyclist profiling is a rampant problem in San Francisco and across the country. The American Motorcycle Association and other motorcycle rights organizations have been engaged in efforts to curb biker profiling by advocating… Read More »

Photo of bearded brutal men bikers on bikes wearing helmets looking at camera in sea port

Fill Out the 2023 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey

By William E. Weiss |

The Motorcycle Profiling Project has issued its 2023 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey. The survey asks motorcycle riders and biker club members around the country to share their experiences with police profiling in order to help the organization promote bikers’ rights nationwide. The Bay Area United Motorcycle Rider Coalition highlighted the survey in a recent… Read More »

motorcycle under rain

Tips For Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

By William E. Weiss |

Riding a motorcycle in inclement weather can be as exhilarating as it is dangerous. While it’s probably best to avoid riding in the rain if possible, if you need to get somewhere, it’s important to take extra care to protect yourself and other people on the road. Below, we offer a few tips to… Read More »

Two cars involved in traffic accident on side of the road with damage to bonnet and fender

How Much Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage Should I Get?

By William E. Weiss |

Insurance coverage can feel like a racket. It seems like they’re always trying to sell you something, but they never want to actually pay when you need it. As frustrating as insurance policies and insurance companies can be, motor vehicle insurance is, in fact, very important. Carrying enough insurance coverage can be the difference… Read More »

traffic in California

New Traffic Safety Laws for 2023

By William E. Weiss |

The 2022 legislative year in California ended in August, and Governor Newsom was still signing laws into late October. Nevertheless, many of these laws still won’t go into effect until January 1, 2023, giving local governments time to get up to speed and be ready to implement the laws in their jurisdictions. Among the… Read More »

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