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San Francisco Civil Rights Lawyer for Bikers and Motorcycle Riders

Bikers have just as much right to be out in public or on the road as anybody else, yet more than any other group they are the target of traffic stops, searches and harassing tactics based solely on the fact that they ride a motorcycle or may belong to a motorcycle club. San Francisco motorcycle rights attorney William E. Weiss stands up for the rights of bikers in the Bay Area and throughout California statewide. If you were profiled or harassed in violation of your constitutional rights, call William E. Weiss at 415-362-6765 for a free consultation regarding your rights and possible options for holding the police or other responsible agencies accountable for their illegal misconduct.

California bikers’ rights can be violated in numerous ways

Motorcycle riders most commonly face civil rights violations under the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Typical Fourth Amendment violations include:

  • Unlawful Stops
  • Illegal Searches
  • Warrantless Arrests
  • Illegal Profiling

Fourth Amendment search & seizure law requires that searches be reasonable. They must be reasonable in their scope (what police are looking for and where they are looking), and they must be reasonable at the outset as well as for the duration of the search. Most often probable cause or a warrant is required before conducting a search or making an arrest, although this is not always the case in this complex area of the law. A skilled motorcycle civil rights attorney can listen to your situation and let you know whether you have a civil rights violation case.

Even without conducting a search, traffic stops and other forms of police harassment may violate First Amendment free speech & association rights. The First Amendment protects both freedom of speech and freedom of association. When bikers are stopped or harassed merely because they are displaying cuts or colors associated with a motorcycle club, these most valuable First Amendment rights are implicated.

It is not always government agencies that violate biker rights, either. Some restaurants, bars and other establishments may refuse to serve patrons based solely on their appearance or apparent club membership. Private businesses who discriminate in this manner may be in violation of California’s UNRUH Civil Rights Act. Californians discriminated against because of their tattoos or patches can sue to recover money damages for the harm caused by violations of these rights.

Stop Civil Rights Violations of Bikers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Civil rights violations cause immediate harm to the victims whose rights are violated, but they also cause greater societal harm as well. Civil lawsuits for money damages have been shown to be an effective way to compensate individuals for harm as well as shine a spotlight on governmental misconduct and force police departments or other agencies to change their policies, improve their training, and take steps to prevent further civil rights violations. An experienced civil rights attorney can help you stand up for your rights and initiate change for everyone’s benefit.

If you have been profiled, harassed or had your rights violated because of your status as a biker or member of a motorcycle club, contact William E. Weiss, Attorney at Law, at 415-362-6765 for a free consultation with an experienced and dedicated San Francisco motorcycle rider rights attorney.

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