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Tips For Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

motorcycle under rain

Riding a motorcycle in inclement weather can be as exhilarating as it is dangerous. While it’s probably best to avoid riding in the rain if possible, if you need to get somewhere, it’s important to take extra care to protect yourself and other people on the road. Below, we offer a few tips to keep in mind when riding your motorcycle in the rain. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident in the Bay Area, call the dedicated San Francisco motorcycle accident attorney William E. Weiss for advice and representation.

Wear the Right Gear

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’re going to ride in the rain, make sure you wear the proper protective gear. Waterproof gear–rainsuits, gloves, boots, etc.–can keep you warm, allowing you to maintain control. Visibility is much more limited in the rain, which makes high-vis gear important as well, even if it’s less stylish. Helmets with anti-fog visors and/or a breath guard can be invaluable in the rain as well, preserving your own visibility. Try to keep your visor down while riding, as once water gets inside your helmet, it’s very easy to get all fogged up.

Ride Slower

Rain and other poor weather conditions add a number of additional hazards for everyone on the road, especially bikers. Rain leads to less visibility, less traction, and increased reaction time. It pays to ride slower to accommodate, giving you more control and giving you and everyone else on the road more time to react to any sudden movements or hazards.

Be Extra Vigilant of Other Motorists

Riding a motorcycle already requires more care and attention than driving a passenger car. During poor weather conditions, however, it’s even more important to keep your head on a swivel. Many auto drivers are unaccustomed to driving in the rain, and you are even harder to see in the rain than usual when riding a motorcycle.

As a motorcycle rider, one of the biggest dangers you face is everyone else on the road. Drivers make mistakes, and their mistakes can cost you your life if you are not extra careful. Watch out for erratic movements, swerving vehicles, inattentive drivers, cars being pushed around by the wind, and other hazards.

Watch the Road for Additional Hazards

Rain can cause or exacerbate other hazards on the road. Watch out for puddles, oil slicks, hidden potholes, and other dangers. In the rain, any spots of tar, freshly-painted lane lines, sealer pavement, fallen leaves, and other objects can suddenly become like black ice. It’s just too easy to suddenly lose control. Any change in the substance of the road can affect your traction; if you see something shiny or reflective, be extra careful. If you do need to turn on or ride over an especially slippery surface, keep your hands relaxed on the handlebars and try not to lean any more than necessary.

Lean Less

Bikers know that they often need to lean into a turn, especially to make a sharper movement. In the rain and other poor weather and road conditions, however, your bike may have significantly less traction. Try to avoid leaning as much as possible until weather conditions improve or you can get on ground with surer traction.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash or if your rights as a motorcycle rider have been infringed in San Francisco or surrounding areas, contact William E. Weiss for a free consultation at 415-362-6765 ext. 157 or preferably my cell at 415-235-7060. You can also email me at william.weiss@gmail.com.

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