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William E. Weiss, Attorney at Law Over 39 years of experience

Over 39 years of experience

Protecting the rights of individuals who have been harmed by negligence or victimized by unlawful conduct

  • $10,000,000
    Confidential Settlement for Motorcycle/Truck Accident
  • $8,000,000
    Settlement Truck/Auto Crash Wrongful Death
  • $5,250,000
    Settlement for Premises Liability
  • $4,000,000
    Settlement for Motorcycle Accident
  • $3,000,000
    Judgement for Motorcycle Accident
  • $1,100,000
    Settlement for auto/pedestrian case two weeks before trial. Plaintiff had multiple fractures.
  • $850,000
    Settlement two days before trial. Premises liability case where plaintiff was stabbed by another patron at a nightclub.
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Dedicated and Experienced San Francisco Bay Area Attorney

San Francisco Bay Area personal injury lawyer William E. Weiss has successfully represented plaintiffs in thousands of cases involving nearly every facet of personal injury litigation, including motorcycle and bicycle accidents; automobile, bus and truck accidents; recreational boating accidents; and serious slip and falls. William has particular expertise in cases involving serious fractures, joint injuries requiring surgery, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries and cases involving significant head and facial trauma. The personal injury law firm of William E. Weiss has successfully recovered millions of dollars for seriously injured victims.

Attorney William Weiss stands up for Californians harmed in other ways as well. William E. Weiss maintains a robust personal injury law practice as well as a vigorous civil rights practice defending bikers who have been unlawfully profiled or otherwise had their first amendment rights and other constitutional rights violated. Whether you have been the victim of a negligent a negligent driver, an unscrupulous business, or governmental abuses, William E. Weiss in San Francisco is the lawyer with the experience, skill, knowledge and dedication to fight for your rights under the law.

Experienced and Successful San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve been injured because of the negligence of another driver or property owner, you are entitled under the law to recover compensation from that negligent party for the full extent of your legal damages, which may include present and future medical care and rehabilitation, lost income or diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress and more. Insurance companies don’t make it easy for you, though. They do their best to downplay the serious nature of your injuries or try to pin at least some of the blame for the accident on you. Attorney William Weiss knows how to build a strong case that proves the negligent party’s liability to you. With over 30 years of experience in California auto accident and other personal injury litigation, the law firm of William E. Weiss has recovered millions of dollars in much-needed compensation for its clients, including several multi-million dollar recoveries. Contact William E. Weiss for help with any personal injury claim in the Bay Area, including:


Auto Accidents Car accidents, injuries and fatalities are all on the rise. Until people learn to put down their phones and keep their eyes on the road, distracted driving will continue to take a tragic toll on California drivers.

Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycles make up three percent of the total vehicle registrations in California, yet bikers account for 17% of all traffic fatalities in the state. California has more motorcycles on the road by far than any other state in the nation. It’s time for California drivers to start looking out for motorcycles and recognize the need to share the road with bikers carefully and respectfully.

Truck Accidents – Truckers and trucking companies routinely flout federal safety regulations designed to prevent serious and deadly truck accidents. Truck drivers stay on the road far longer than is safe and risk drowsy driving fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel. Trucking companies fail to maintain their fleets in safe condition, with thousands of trucks on the road riding on bad tires and bad brakes.

Bicycle Accidents – Cycling is immensely popular in San Francisco, and bicycles are ubiquitous on city streets. Just as cyclists need to obey the rules of the road and ride with due care, drivers must share the road with cyclists and give them the space they need to ride safely. Right-hand turns into the path of a bicycle, crowding a cyclist off the road, and getting “doored” are just a handful of the dangers bicycle riders face every day.

Boat Accidents – California ranks second in the nation for having the highest number of boats, and boating accidents, injuries and deaths. As a recreational activity, less concern is given to speeding, drinking and reckless operation of a boat than to motor vehicles on the road, but the results can be just as disastrous or worse to other boaters, swimmers, jet skiers and water skiers, and passengers on a negligently driven boat.


Slip and Fall/Premises Liability – California property owners owe a duty to their customers, guests and the general public to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. This includes making periodic inspections of the property and promptly fixing any known hazards or putting up a warning about the danger. William E. Weiss holds negligent property owners accountable when their failures result in a serious slip and fall, trip and fall or other premises liability injury.

Burn Injuries – Burn injuries can be painful, debilitating, permanent and life-threatening. The physical, emotional and psychological toll of burn injuries place them among the most catastrophic injuries a person can suffer. Personal injury attorney William Weiss understands the need of a burn victim for intensive and extensive medical care, rehabilitation, surgeries and other ongoing treatment.

Fracture/Joint Injury – With decades of experience handling cases involving fractures and joint injuries, attorney William Weiss appreciates the many different ways these injuries can occur, the complications that can set in, and the need for the right type and amount of medical treatment and therapy for proper, maximum healing. The law office of William E. Weiss works to obtain a full and fair amount of compensation to deal with these serious injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury – A TBI can affect cognitive functioning, memory, attention, mood, personality, vision, hearing, motor function, balance, coordination and a host of other areas which can impact one’s ability to work, sleep, get through the day and enjoy a reasonable quality of life. We work with medical experts as necessary to see that our clients get appropriate medical care, rehabilitation and therapy to achieve maximum recovery from their injury.


Motorcycle riders are constantly being profiled, stopped and searched solely on the basis of the fact that they are riding a motorcycle, wearing colors or cuts, or riding or congregating together with other members of a motorcycle club. These actions are in violation of an individual’s constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of association, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and freedom from arrest and prosecution without probable cause or a warrant and due process of law. Motorcycle rider rights attorney William Weiss is a strong support of the First Amendment rights of bikers to be free from harassment because of their affiliation with a club or other protected activity. William Weiss is a frequent speaker on motorcycle rider rights in San Francisco, Oakland and surrounding areas. If your rights were violated in a traffic stop or while out in public, you need strong, aggressive representation from a civil rights lawyer who knows your rights and the steps to take to force police and government agencies to stop their unlawful activities, train their personnel properly, and compensate you for the harm done to you.

Personal Injury, Consumer Rights and Civil Rights Attorney in San Francisco

For immediate assistance after a car or motorcycle crash or other personal injury in San Francisco, or a violation of your rights as a consumer or motorcycle rider throughout the Bay Area or anywhere in California, call the Law Offices of William E. Weiss for a free consultation at 415-362-6765 or 1-888-622-7274 (888-MC-CRASH). There’s no fee unless and until we recover for you.

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