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Bill is introduced to legalize Lane Splitting in California

Assemblymember Introduces Bill to Legalize Lane Splitting in California: Never Mind That it is Already Legal

By William E. Weiss |

California is currently the only state in the nation that allows motorcyclists to ride between lanes or in lanes occupied by other vehicles, a practice commonly known as lane splitting but also referred to as whitelining, filtering or lane sharing. Although lane splitting is not expressly authorized in state law, California Vehicle Code section… Read More »

Enroll today in the California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) to make sure you are up to par with potential threats of riding a bike.

California Motorcyclist Safety Program Offers Training Courses for Beginning Riders

By William E. Weiss |

As a rider, you have to put up with motor vehicle drivers talking on their cell phones or texting while driving (even though it’s illegal), distracted drivers, drivers who brake suddenly or drive too slowly, or drivers who fail to check their blind spots before executing a turn or a lane change. Do you… Read More »

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